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ROMA Goals

Six National ROMA Goals

The 1994 Amendment to the CSBG Act, in response to GPRA, specifically mentioned a requirement for CSBG eligible entities to provide outcome measures to monitor success in three areas: promoting self-sufficiency, family stability, and community revitalization.

The CSBG Monitoring and Assessment Task Force (MATF) supported by the Administration for Children and Families, Office of Community Services (OCS), and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services produced a National Strategic Plan in 1996. This plan identified national goals for community action that specifically addressed these three areas, identifying them as "family" and "community" goals. MATF added "agency" goals to complete the plan.

Goal 1. Low-income people become more self-sufficient. (Family)

Goal 2. The conditions in which low-income people live are improved. (Community)

Goal 3. Low-income people own a stake in their community. (Community)

Goal 4. Partnerships among supporters and providers of services to low-income people are achieved. (Agency)

Goal 5. Agencies increase their capacity to achieve results. (Agency)

Goal 6. Low-income people, especially vulnerable populations, achieve their potential by strengthening family and other supportive systems. 

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